Monday, April 19, 2010


Maybe I'm not cut out for blogging, maybe my life isn't exciting enough, but for whatever reason, I can't seem to keep up blogging more than once a week. Maybe that's ok.

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Who's excited for Maui??!! I AM!!! After looking at these pictures, how could I not be excited!! I'm so ready for warm weather, and relaxation! And many hours spent right there on that pristine beach!

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These pictures are getting me through the 6 week wait before we actually leave!!

This cute suit is getting me through the 6 weeks of work outs and diets!

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When I started my work out challenge w/ Jess and Ross, my goal was to lose 4 inches and 5 pounds. I'm not sure those numbers really go hand in hand. I find setting a goal in inches is much more realistic for me than setting a weight goal because I see very little change in the number on the scale each week. So far I've lost 2 inches and 1/2 a pound. I think I'll stick with inches! I'm half way to my goal. We skipped a week measuring because life got busy, so I'm hoping to lose more by this Thursday!

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