Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Windows Down Weather

I wish I had an update on my table, unfortunately it is still not complete. The stools are upholstered and painted and complete, but the table still needs paint in a few spots. I'm hoping to finish painting it today, and I will have it home by Friday, fully dry and functional. I can't wait!!

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In the mean time I will be enjoying this amazing windows down weather! Good thing too since my car heater is on the fritz! I LOVE driving with my windows down. The fresh air is so refreshing. I don't even mind the mess it makes of my hair. I do believe my next car will be a convertible, or at least have one of those really big sun roofs!

This summer like weather is such a tease, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts, you should too!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Has Arrived!

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Spring is in the air...for now, and just like that girl, I'm going to take full advantage of the sunshine and mild temps. I have been slacking on my work outs because I've been getting so bored at the gym. Now that it's getting nice out, I fully plan on running outside, then doing my weight circuit at my apartment. I went to Meijer and bought two 10 pound dumbells and an exercise ball, so I should be all set for today! Eventually I'd like to get some more equipment, but today is about the basics.

I found this website to find running routes around my apartment. I haven't signed up for a membership because it costs money, and I am cheap. But this site posts maps and routes that other users of the site run. I like that it gives the distance of the route. I think if I ran more I would pay for the membership to print off the maps, but I just look for the 2-3 mile runs. That is more than enough for me!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Project

I bought this table and stools off of craigslist for $25. I am tired of eating my meals at my couch and my grandma's old trunk that I use as a coffee table. I have ruined a few nice shirts and stained a couple of khakis from trying to drag my food from the trunk to my mouth. It was more economical to buy the table than to replace my wardrobe!

Anyway, I bought the table. It is much smaller than the picture makes it look, which is ok, because I have a small space. I haven't actually seen it in my apartment yet, I am working on the table in my parent's garage. I hope to have the table completely finished by tonight! It is definitely a change. I didn't want to spend all the time to sand off all of the current finish, to re stain it and make it look perfect. So I went for bright and funky.

I am hoping to complete the table tonight, and will post a picture of the transformation. It's going to be different but I think the table will really brighten up my whole apartment. And I know it will definitely save a lot of my clothes!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Back on Track

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Jess, Ross and I have been trying to stick to a weight loss challenge between the 3 of us. Our last go around was derailed by a couple of a vacations and a busy tax season.

Yesterday, we started a new challenge. I'm hoping magazines like this one will help with motivation and tips! It will be an 8 week challenge. We will measure ourselves each Thursday evening and whoever loses the highest percentage of inches has to treat everyone to Miss Lisa's ice cream. Our last challenge was won by Ross, he won $15!!

I've learned that even though I lose inches, I don't necessarily lose weight, so we went with inches, and for some reason sharing our weight is more embarrassing than sharing our inches. Who knows!! My goal is to lose 5 inches by May 20th.

In order to lose those inches, I not only have to eat well, but I also have to work out hard. I'm hoping to buy some equipment for my apartment to weight train with if I decide to run outside on a nice day. Maybe I will buy a couple of things this weekend. I am mostly looking for an exercise ball, a 10 lbs medicine ball, and a pair of dumb bells ranging from 5-12 lbs (the expensive part!!).

There are 2 great fitness blogs that I read everyday. meals & moves is a great blog for work out tips, and weight training moves using your typical gym machines and equipment. Janetha is currently sticking to a Body for Life eating plan, and following a similar work out plan in order to tone up for her upcoming wedding. She does a great job mapping out all of her work outs, and gives great tips on meal planning. Just seeing her success is a huge motivation.

The Fitnessista aka Gina, is a certified personal trainer. She also give great work out routines and holds challenges of her own. I participated in her Winter Shape Up challenge, and found some great moves from her weekly weight training schedules. These were great because they required very little, or no gym equipment, just dumb bells and exercise balls. Gina also posts amazing recipes. I am in love with her breakfast cookie and I also made her Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili, it is AWESOME! Her mostly raw and vegan lifestyle is admirable.

These two blogs will help me stay motivated for the next 8 weeks! Wish me luck!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Over at Design*Sponge, there are a series of 'Before and After' posts.
This one is one of my favorite transformations.

Look at the chair before. Probably found on the side of the road, but what a change!! So inspiring and beautiful! I must learn how to reupholster.

Starting Again

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While I still don't have Internet access at my apartment, I did move into a new office at work that gives me a little more privacy. Because of this, I am going to try to revitalize this blog. I know it's not read very often, especially since I stopped posting for a year!!, but I think I will use this for myself to organize projects I come across online, or recipes that I have to try, or recipes I have tried and love. I use this as a personal 3 ring binder to collect my thoughts, inspirations and ideas.

If you happen to check in on this blog once again (Holly) welcome back! Enjoy my rambling!!