Friday, March 26, 2010

Back on Track

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Jess, Ross and I have been trying to stick to a weight loss challenge between the 3 of us. Our last go around was derailed by a couple of a vacations and a busy tax season.

Yesterday, we started a new challenge. I'm hoping magazines like this one will help with motivation and tips! It will be an 8 week challenge. We will measure ourselves each Thursday evening and whoever loses the highest percentage of inches has to treat everyone to Miss Lisa's ice cream. Our last challenge was won by Ross, he won $15!!

I've learned that even though I lose inches, I don't necessarily lose weight, so we went with inches, and for some reason sharing our weight is more embarrassing than sharing our inches. Who knows!! My goal is to lose 5 inches by May 20th.

In order to lose those inches, I not only have to eat well, but I also have to work out hard. I'm hoping to buy some equipment for my apartment to weight train with if I decide to run outside on a nice day. Maybe I will buy a couple of things this weekend. I am mostly looking for an exercise ball, a 10 lbs medicine ball, and a pair of dumb bells ranging from 5-12 lbs (the expensive part!!).

There are 2 great fitness blogs that I read everyday. meals & moves is a great blog for work out tips, and weight training moves using your typical gym machines and equipment. Janetha is currently sticking to a Body for Life eating plan, and following a similar work out plan in order to tone up for her upcoming wedding. She does a great job mapping out all of her work outs, and gives great tips on meal planning. Just seeing her success is a huge motivation.

The Fitnessista aka Gina, is a certified personal trainer. She also give great work out routines and holds challenges of her own. I participated in her Winter Shape Up challenge, and found some great moves from her weekly weight training schedules. These were great because they required very little, or no gym equipment, just dumb bells and exercise balls. Gina also posts amazing recipes. I am in love with her breakfast cookie and I also made her Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili, it is AWESOME! Her mostly raw and vegan lifestyle is admirable.

These two blogs will help me stay motivated for the next 8 weeks! Wish me luck!!


aunt judy said...

Hey Katie,

Glad you started this back up again. I've been checking it ever so often. Good luck with the fitness challenge, something I certainly need to get going on. Keep up the posts!

aunt judy

Katie said...

Thanks for checking back!! I just have more time now, I know not a lot of people read this, but I hope you like it!!