Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great Job

I said in a previous post that I would post about the earrings Ross gave me for Valentine's Day, well here they are.

I need to start taking pictures during the day. The beads are actually purple, but at least you can get the general idea of the style. I've worn them a few times already. I like them a lot. The purple isn't too purple, which is good since I don't wear much purple, I've worn them with black and they look really nice.

Ross started an internship with Julie Sanford. He found her by looking for an internship on Grand Valley's website. He only needs 150 hours and he does most of his work on his computer from home. It's not a bad deal for him. Unfortunately it is unpaid, but he's learning new things too. Here are a few samples from her website. I'm not sure if you can order from the site, but I'm sure she can be emailed if you find something you love!

I would love to have a job like hers, or any creative design work. Julie recently set up her studio in a little building in Grand Haven. I'm hoping Ross will introduce me to her so that I can learn how she started up her business. I also see that she has already signed up to attend a few craft fairs this summer...I wonder if she needs any help!!

I don't know how Ross finds these great jobs. He doesn't even know how great of an opportunity this would be for me, but I'm hoping he keeps me in mind through all of this. He is setting up a data base of her current mailing labels, and she wants him to research how to get her work sold at current retailers. She seems very talented.

Jess and I are taking a silver clay class. I thumbed through some of Julie's magazines that she wanted Ross to look through to learn the industry, and I noticed that silver clay was a very popular theme through out the magazine. So Jess and I are taking the class at Creative Fringe. It is a little expensive for 2.5 hours, but I think it will be something fun to learn. I feel like I've been spending all my money on classes. But I don't want to be sitting in a cubicle forever, this job is just to get me to the next item on my wish list, and the list is growing quickly!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Staying On Track

I'm trying to post more regularly, for no particular reason except to prove that I can. I have my photography make-up class tomorrow morning. Should be a good one since we will actually get to take pictures in the day light!!

Our assignment was to take 3 pictures that we want to share with the class focusing on Aperture, Shutter Speed, Metering, White Balance, ISO and Exposure Compensation. I mostly chose my Apterture and the camera chose the Shutter Speed, I chose the White Balance, ISO and Exposure Compensation. It was hard to find things to photograph since I had Thursay evening and this evening available to take pictures and Thursday was Valentine's Day so I didn't get many pictures taken. Here's what I've got.

The top left is Abby Rose Sullivan, Ross's dog. She is the most beautiful, friendly, loving dog ever! I took her portrait! It's a little blury but she had a hard time holding still! The flower is also at Ross's house. His mom got this as a kit for a Dirty Santa game. I think she made out pretty well in the whole deal. It is such a vibrant red/orange against that beige wall. I think the colors pop quite nicely. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the final picture or not. Ross decorated his chocolate chip pie very nicely and wanted me to photograph it. While the swirl is beautiful, I like how the Cool Whip looks on his fork. If I would have thought about it I would have taken more time on this picture, I don't really like the orangy tint but it was dark and a fire was going, so it kind of captures the mood.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I finally got my camera to connect to my computer!!! So I'm back online with the photo blogging, now I have no excuse not to continue posting my thing-a-day projects.

With Ross being unemployed we decided not to do anything big for Valentine's Day this year. I decided to make him a chocolate chip pie that I found here. My parents and Ross and I went to Jack's located in our local Holiday Inn for their famous perch dinner. And it was as good as ever. Then we came home and had this delicious pie.

Ross had two interviews today. One was for his internship and he got it! Yay!! Getting so close to that diploma! The interview is with a woman who makes her own jewelry right here in Spring Lake. She is working on opening a new studio and she wants Ross to help her with that and several other computer related things. She was generous enough to give Ross a pair of earings to give to me for Valentine's day and I love them. I will post more on this later, I haven't photographed them yet, but I will because they are beautiful. I will also post her website and other store information. Her work is really beautiful! I told Ross to get me an in with her so I can do something I really enjoy with my time. He did say she will be looking for an assistant in the near future!! I'm ready!

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day! I have a photography class this Saturday so hopefully I will have some interesting photos to post!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Ring

I thought making wire wrap rings would be easy, quick and fun. I think I was right! I went down to Creative Fringe, our local bead shop in Grand Haven and picked up a ring mandrel so that I could form a circle and in a specific ring size. I need to work on wrapping the wire tightly around the mandrel, it's pretty hard to hold it tight! I also bought some 18 gague silver wire so it won't tarnish. I think it turned out alright. Not perfect but it was my first attempt, I can only get better!!
I need to work on my picture taking skills as well. It was late last night when I took this, that's my excuse. I should take a better one, but this will have to work for now.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thing-A-Day Kick Off

Well, I'm having a bit of a hard time getting used to the blogging on Thing-A-Day. I think I'll catch on after a few postings. I tried to post a cool picture that I messed with on Photoshop, but my computer at work can't open Photoshop that'll have to wait for another day. Instead, I decided to post a winter scene so in case the 1500 people or so that are on Thing-A-Day aren't experienceing this cold weather with the rest of us, they can have a glimpse of our weather!
This also takes care of part of my assignment for my photography class. I have to take a picture on each programmed setting on my camera. This one is using the scene setting. I took this in the morning before work. I'm standing in the middle of my street, good thing it's not a busy street! The moon is actually still up and shining but it is behind the trees in the front of the picture on the left hand side, so it's kinda hard to see, but I think that is what is causing the pink glow or it could just be the gross street lights.
I opened a new Flickr account because Thing-A-Day can't handle too many uploads and I honestly have no idea how big my pictures are so I may just link my pictures to Flickr. I'm starting my account right now, geez I am getting myself all over the internet! I had no idea it took so long to upload photos on these sites, all I do is wait for the pictures, good greif!
Stay warm!!!