Friday, February 1, 2008

Thing-A-Day Kick Off

Well, I'm having a bit of a hard time getting used to the blogging on Thing-A-Day. I think I'll catch on after a few postings. I tried to post a cool picture that I messed with on Photoshop, but my computer at work can't open Photoshop that'll have to wait for another day. Instead, I decided to post a winter scene so in case the 1500 people or so that are on Thing-A-Day aren't experienceing this cold weather with the rest of us, they can have a glimpse of our weather!
This also takes care of part of my assignment for my photography class. I have to take a picture on each programmed setting on my camera. This one is using the scene setting. I took this in the morning before work. I'm standing in the middle of my street, good thing it's not a busy street! The moon is actually still up and shining but it is behind the trees in the front of the picture on the left hand side, so it's kinda hard to see, but I think that is what is causing the pink glow or it could just be the gross street lights.
I opened a new Flickr account because Thing-A-Day can't handle too many uploads and I honestly have no idea how big my pictures are so I may just link my pictures to Flickr. I'm starting my account right now, geez I am getting myself all over the internet! I had no idea it took so long to upload photos on these sites, all I do is wait for the pictures, good greif!
Stay warm!!!

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Val said...

You can upload pictures directly from your computer onto Wordpress.