Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great Job

I said in a previous post that I would post about the earrings Ross gave me for Valentine's Day, well here they are.

I need to start taking pictures during the day. The beads are actually purple, but at least you can get the general idea of the style. I've worn them a few times already. I like them a lot. The purple isn't too purple, which is good since I don't wear much purple, I've worn them with black and they look really nice.

Ross started an internship with Julie Sanford. He found her by looking for an internship on Grand Valley's website. He only needs 150 hours and he does most of his work on his computer from home. It's not a bad deal for him. Unfortunately it is unpaid, but he's learning new things too. Here are a few samples from her website. I'm not sure if you can order from the site, but I'm sure she can be emailed if you find something you love!

I would love to have a job like hers, or any creative design work. Julie recently set up her studio in a little building in Grand Haven. I'm hoping Ross will introduce me to her so that I can learn how she started up her business. I also see that she has already signed up to attend a few craft fairs this summer...I wonder if she needs any help!!

I don't know how Ross finds these great jobs. He doesn't even know how great of an opportunity this would be for me, but I'm hoping he keeps me in mind through all of this. He is setting up a data base of her current mailing labels, and she wants him to research how to get her work sold at current retailers. She seems very talented.

Jess and I are taking a silver clay class. I thumbed through some of Julie's magazines that she wanted Ross to look through to learn the industry, and I noticed that silver clay was a very popular theme through out the magazine. So Jess and I are taking the class at Creative Fringe. It is a little expensive for 2.5 hours, but I think it will be something fun to learn. I feel like I've been spending all my money on classes. But I don't want to be sitting in a cubicle forever, this job is just to get me to the next item on my wish list, and the list is growing quickly!

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