Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I finally got my camera to connect to my computer!!! So I'm back online with the photo blogging, now I have no excuse not to continue posting my thing-a-day projects.

With Ross being unemployed we decided not to do anything big for Valentine's Day this year. I decided to make him a chocolate chip pie that I found here. My parents and Ross and I went to Jack's located in our local Holiday Inn for their famous perch dinner. And it was as good as ever. Then we came home and had this delicious pie.

Ross had two interviews today. One was for his internship and he got it! Yay!! Getting so close to that diploma! The interview is with a woman who makes her own jewelry right here in Spring Lake. She is working on opening a new studio and she wants Ross to help her with that and several other computer related things. She was generous enough to give Ross a pair of earings to give to me for Valentine's day and I love them. I will post more on this later, I haven't photographed them yet, but I will because they are beautiful. I will also post her website and other store information. Her work is really beautiful! I told Ross to get me an in with her so I can do something I really enjoy with my time. He did say she will be looking for an assistant in the near future!! I'm ready!

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day! I have a photography class this Saturday so hopefully I will have some interesting photos to post!

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