Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ross is looking for a new car since he got his new job. I only dream of a new car. Since work has slowed down, I decided to browse used cars online. Check this one out!!

It's a Volkswagon Jetta!! They may as well put my name on that licence plate and mark in sold!!! Not really, but I wish.
It's a stick, which I like, not sure I'd like it forever, but I've always wanted a Jetta and this just looks so nice and clean and cute!!
Maybe Ross will end up with this one. I don't think so though, we don't have similar taste in this kind of stuff at all. He just told me the other day that he doesn't like my decorating style...I hope he understands that everything in my apartment is second hand and used out of necessity, not choice!!! Oh well. His car I guess!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Julia Roberts

How cute is this outfit?

I love the different length sleeves, the buttons on the short sleeved jacket are great, and the necklaces are the perfect accessories. Well done Julia Roberts!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hands Up!

So, I was looking online for nothing in particular, but since I'm going Honduras in January, volunteering and mission trips seem to be on my radar! I know mission trips aren't for everyone but check this one out!

It's called Hands Up Holidays. I believe the trips are out of England so it will be a little hard to sign up for this type of volunteer experience. Anyway, the main gist I get from this is that you can pick out of a variety of trips they offer to places such as Australia, Indonesia, India and South Africa. The all range in prices.

The trip I would love to take is the 'Way of the Dragon' to Indonesia. With this itinerary it would be hard to find someone who would not want to do this!

· Volunteering on Flores
· Artistic Ubud in Bali
· Komodo Dragons on Komodo
· Flores’ volcanoes and pristine beaches
· Luxurious Bali Hyatt hotel
· Spa & massage treatment

The spa and massage, luxurious Hyatt and pristine beaches sold me!

Enjoy the beach!!