Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hands Up!

So, I was looking online for nothing in particular, but since I'm going Honduras in January, volunteering and mission trips seem to be on my radar! I know mission trips aren't for everyone but check this one out!

It's called Hands Up Holidays. I believe the trips are out of England so it will be a little hard to sign up for this type of volunteer experience. Anyway, the main gist I get from this is that you can pick out of a variety of trips they offer to places such as Australia, Indonesia, India and South Africa. The all range in prices.

The trip I would love to take is the 'Way of the Dragon' to Indonesia. With this itinerary it would be hard to find someone who would not want to do this!

· Volunteering on Flores
· Artistic Ubud in Bali
· Komodo Dragons on Komodo
· Flores’ volcanoes and pristine beaches
· Luxurious Bali Hyatt hotel
· Spa & massage treatment

The spa and massage, luxurious Hyatt and pristine beaches sold me!

Enjoy the beach!!

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