Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FredFlare Fun

I want to take pictures like these!! And I can, with this camera from!!

I was browsing online during work yesterday and stumbled upon this fantastic website! I am in love with everything about the site. Not only the goods for sale like this and this, but also because of the page set up, colors, and personality. I am becoming obsessed very quickly with reading their short and sweet blog posts.

They also offer this camera to take shots like these, with just one click of the shutter button!
One of the employees at, Anne is from Michigan and works out of Michigan!!! Maybe I can meet up with her and work for out of Michigan too! I did however look at their job postings and noticed nothing was open in Michigan. And I can not move to NY to make their $10/hr offer. Bummer deal, maybe someday I'll get a fun job...until then I may just buy a few cameras!!

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