Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daily Candy

I found this website after reading this blog post by sfgirlbybay . I love the postings on sfgirlbybay. She always finds the most interesting and inspiring pieces of furniture or artwork or designs.

I love the idea of placing beautiful fabrics in embroidery hoops and decorating with them. I think this may be the perfect idea for my new apartment.

And look at those pillows, so easy to make and embellish, such a pretty idea! Her whole blog is filled with stuff like this!

Anyway, back to Daily Candy. This website finds all kinds of special offers and events happening around a specific city and shares them all on their site. I chose Daily Candy Chicago because it's the closest city to me and because I'm going there next weekend for a bachelorette party!!

For example there is an article advertising this 'new' margarita. There is a showing at a fashion building and they are serving these tasty drinks while customers wander the store, they are also offering 20% off any item in the entire store.

Maybe there will be fun events like this next weekend!

Just another fun website I thought I'd share!

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