Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pretty Purses

I decided to start on some projects that I've been meaning to work on but never got around to. I bought all the yarn and all the patterns and they are just sitting in my bag. I decided it was time to get started on some of those projects so I can find new ones! The first project I decided to post about is Pretty Purses. I am still working on this and it is taking longer than I expected. I don't have much time to knit between work and a social life, so this has been a much longer work in progress that I had estimated, none-the-less, I am plugging away at this project until it is done. Here's what I have so far. I don't know what happened when the image transferred over. It doesn't look like this on my camera, maybe I need to try to transfer it over again. The bottom of the picture kinda went wacko, but it still shows the stitch pattern and the color. It is basically a seed stitch pattern on the sides and cabling in the middle.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am making this a year of beginning of new things, well this is my first cabling project!! I love the cabling, it adds so much to the pattern and it is so easy to work! I'm excited with how it looks. I don't think the pattern calls for a lining but I plan on finding a simple fabric with a simple green pattern on it, I think every good purse has at least one pocket in it. I bought little black wooden handles for the purse. I need to make two panels of the picture above and I'm not quite done with the first panel, so hopefully I'll get motivation to get the final project posted quickly.

I am still trying to learn my camera, so I experimented with when to use the flash, the picture above is with the flash. This one to the left is with out the flash, the picture with the flash shows the color better, but I don't like you can see where the flash hits the yarn, in the middle of the bag on the left side, you can see it is the brightest there. Oh well, I guess I still have more to learn in this photography class!! I still need to take pictures this weekend for Wednesday's class. Hopefully I will be able to post those soon!

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