Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Idea

(my first photo attempt...what do you think?!)

So I've been thinking a lot about how to sell things I make. Every one's first response is either craft fairs or

Each has its advantages and disadvantages for me.

Start with craft fairs. Advantages: fun, outdoors, draws a crowd, fun to chat with customers and vendors

Disadvantages: need big inventory, competition with other vendors, not always target market, entry fees, need canopy Advantages: cheap fees (20 cents +3.5% per sale), easy, mostly target market, able to choose to shop local, don't need huge inventory, can sell continuously as items are finished

Disadvantages: need the internet, huge amount of sellers to compete against, great pictures are a must, shipping, packaging

SO...I plan on entering the Spring Lake Heritage Festival Craft Fair this June. It's got a realistic entry fee, and I'm hoping I can have some inventory made by the middle of June...however, the Great Hawaiian Escape may interfere with that plan. After the craft fair, I'm going to give a try and post all the items that didn't sell at the fair.

Wish me luck!!

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