Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Food

We definitely didn't go hungry while we were in Honduras. I took pictures of each meal we had to prove that we didn't have to eat scary things.
For breakfast we just had toast and cereal, I didn't think I needed pictures of that. Lunch was turkey, ham or pb&j sandwiches, again, pictures not necessary.
Day 1: Steak, rice, veggies, baked potato and a sauce for the steak. The drink is an orange/pineapple juice, it was delicious! I could have had that everyday.
It was Suzanne's birthday so she got a surprise princess cake.

Day 2: La Tuna y El Coyote. The appetizer is Honduran Fondue. So good! It is basically a warm meat and bean dip with a thick layer of melted cheese, yum!

The main course was Mexican Tacos. They were tortillas with ground chicken (and a few bones) with different salsas to put on them.
Let's not forget las cervesas (beer). These were the three big Honduran beers. The most popular is Imperial it has a very strong beer taste. Barena is similar to a Corona and Salva Vida (which translates to Life Saver) was my favorite but I don't know what it compares to.
Day 3: Chinese - just like in the States! No joke, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, shrimp chow mien, egg rolls. Very tasty.
Day 4: Pupusas and Honduran tacos. The pupusas are the flat round pita looking things. They are filled with melted cheese and seasoned ground beef, these were really good. The Honduran tacos were very much like toquitos that you get in the freezer section and bake in the oven, crispy shell filled with meat.

Dessert, ice cream at Eskimo
Day 5: Mid-day snack, hand made Pineapple Turnovers, these were my favorite food from Honduras.
Lunch: Gringas - cubed steak and melted cheese in a grilled tortilla with rice. (gringa is also slang for 'white girl' so I'm not sure how gringa the food is suppose to translate.)
Dinner: The Log Cabin, we had bbq chicken, fried plantain, chili, and veggies with tortillas. My chicken wasn't cooked all the way, I did not like the plantain, the chili was ok, so I mostly had veggies rolled in tortillas...we are suspicious that this meal is what made the team sick, since I showed no signs of illness.
Day 6: This might be the scary meal I suppose, it was really good, but looks quite scary. Deep fried tilapia with fresh lime juice.

Day 7: The lady's running the day care center invited us over and made us chicken fajitas with fresh veggies and a warm potato salad. Others are suspicious that the warm potato salad was the culprit in the sickness experienced by some team members.

Dessert was Tres Leches - translates as 3 milks. It is a white cake soaked in condensed, evaporated and regular milk flavored with vanilla malt. It was very good. This comes in as a close second to the pineapple turnovers. Some believe this was the culprit to the sickness, I disagree strongly.
I told you I took a lot of pictures!! I hope you enjoy them!

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