Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bright Idea!

I'm taking a break from Honduras to post this fun and inexpensive project.
I receive emails from ReadyMade. They send all kinds of creative ideas and projects you can make yourself. These lamps that are hanging in the picture is one of the projects. It is just string wrapped around an inflated balloon, papier mache style.

I think I will do this! I am not quite sure where I'll hang it yet, but I'm thinking it would be nice to do a smaller one and use it as a bedside reading light on either side of the bed. I think there are already holes in the wall too!


Inflate your balloon to the desired size, and tie it off.

Take one end of the thread and tie it to the knot on the balloon.

Begin wrapping the thread around the balloon, keeping it taut but not letting it distort the shape of the balloon.

Keep winding the thread around until you have good coverage over the whole surface of the balloon. The final trip around the balloon should end up back at the knot.

Cut your string and tie it to the knot of the balloon.

Cover your work area with a drop cloth, and fill a shallow bowl with fabric stiffener.

Wearing rubber gloves and using the foam brush, gently apply stiffener to the entire surface of the balloon. Be generous, making sure to saturate the thread completely.

Hang the thread-covered balloon with a clothespin and let dry overnight.

Once it’s completely dry, pop the balloon with your needle and remove it from the globe.

Cut a hole where the balloon knot was, and insert your light fixture.

Install the ceiling hook in a nice spot, hang your new light, and let it shine.
{ TIP } To suspend light bulbs within larger globes, cut a small hole in the center of a round plastic takeout lid, and make another cut from the outer edge to the hole. Tie the cord in a loose knot, and slip the lid above the knot. To insert it into the fixture, fold the plastic lid and push it through the hole in the top. Once inside, the lid unfurls and the bulb remains suspended in place.

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