Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art House Co-op

My friend Holly sent me a link to Art House Co-op and to one of their photography projects to join. It took me about 2 seconds to decide to join the project...and about 2 more seconds to join a 2nd project.

The first is a project called A Million Little Pictures. Here is the brief explanation of the project from their website.

"One thousand people from around the world will document their lives in 24 frames using a disposable camera. An exhibition will be held showing over 24,000 photographs."

Basically, you sign up for the project and pay a small fee, and they send you a disposable camera and you shoot 24 pictures just living your life, you develop the film just at a one hour place and mail the pictures in. The exhibition will be held in Atlanta, and in the city with the most participants...I doubt it will happen in my city!

The second project is called the 10,000 People Project. Again, here is a brief explanation of the project from the website.

"You sign up, we send you a sheet of paper with a word on it, and then you create a visual representation of the word. The catch is that 10,000 other people are doing the same as you. How many different ways will tens of thousands of people interpret the same word?"

They both sound very interesting and fun to me. It's not a big commitment or heavy time constraint, it's just easy and laid back. I'm excited to get started on both!

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